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Get the Scoop – Ice cream city tour Gdańsk

“Get the Scoop 🍨 ” is the perfect name for a city tour, based around ice cream. A city tour based around ice cream? You read that right! And since I love doing city tours with locals when I am in a historic city and I love ice cream I booked this experience immediately when I found it while planning my Poland trip.

Natasa is a very enthusiastic guide who combined her love for ice cream with journalistic insight into the city history of Gdańsk and all it has to do with ice cream.

We met in the heart of the old town, near Neptunes’ Fountain. Although the area was very crowded it was easy to spot Natasa since she was decked out in ice cream Merch: her shirt, bag, socks and even her earrings were ice cream themed.

During the tour we had a scoop of ice cream of our choice at three different shops, sometimes two flavours in one scoop! The first originated in the tristate area of Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia, the second has won several awards for their ice cream, but is most loved for pouring liquid chocolate on your ice cream, and the last is the oldest ice cream parlour in Poland. She taught us a lot about the history of both the city and the ice cream on the way.

Natasa also took us to some historic sights outside of the perimeter of the old town like the Polish Post Office museum where WWII started in Poland and ended the ice cream city tour of Gdańsk with a walk along the Motlawa River to the shipyards where the Polish Solidarity movement began with the strike of the shipyard workers. Now the shipyard is abandoned and being redeveloped into a modern area with street art and food trucks.

An ice cream city tour of Gdańsk is the perfect choice for this hot summer day, but honestly, any weather is the perfect weather for ice cream!

If you want to book it for yourself you can do so here on AirBnB Experiences.

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