• embroidery-workshop-in-hoi-an
    Central Vietnam,  Vietnam

    Embroidery Workshop in Hoi An

    Handcraft in Vietnam is still a very popular branch of work and artisans spend years mastering their craft. While some stay close to traditional designs, others have modernised. Embroidery is still done the same way today as it was done hundreds of years ago: With a needle and a thread, stitching a design into a cloth that is held in…

  • cham-islands-snorkeling-tour
    Central Vietnam,  Vietnam

    Cham Islands Snorkeling Tour from Hoi An

    Taking a Cham Islands Snorkeling Tour from Hoi An is one of the more popular day tours in the city. The experience depends a lot on the season, the weather, which tour provider you pick and the other people in the group. With so many variables to consider, here is everything you need to know.

  • hoi-an-memories-show-2024-experience
    Central Vietnam,  Vietnam

    Hoi An Memories Show – 2024 Experience

    The Hoi An Memories Show is probably the most advertised experience in Hoi An. This stage play covers the history of the town and its people over the centuries, with over 500 actors and dancers bringing centuries of Hoianese history to life. With the entire venue built for this specific show, I promise you you have never seen anything like…

  • hoi-an-lantern-workshop
    Central Vietnam,  Vietnam

    Hoi An Lantern Workshop – 2024 Update

    Internationally Hoi An is probably best known for three things: The yellow buildings of the old town, its tailors and the hundreds if not thousands of colourful lanterns all over the city. You can’t walk down even one street without seeing several of them. Buying one as a souvenir is the first thing that will come to your mind, but…

  • woodcarving-workshop-in-hoi-an
    Central Vietnam,  Vietnam

    Woodcarving Workshop in Hoi An with Woodart Vietnam

    If you are interested in handicrafts, as well as experiencing the culture of a country through their art and artforms a woodcarving workshop is something you should consider doing while you're in Hoi An. You don't only get to see stunning traditional and modern works of art (Hulk vs. Wolverine) made by Woodcarving, you also get to make your very…

  • jewellery-workshop-in-hoi-an
    Central Vietnam,  Vietnam

    Jewellery Workshop in Hoi An

    While there are many jewellery shops in Hoi An it feels more special to me to be directly involved in the process of creating a unique piece of jewellery for yourself. At Lotus Leaf Fine Art & Jewellery you can take part in a jewellery workshop and learn from a master who has worked on this craft from a young…

  • Central Vietnam,  Vietnam

    My Son Sunrise Tour from Hoi An

    Mỹ Sơn Sanctuary is a former temple city of the Cham people. These ancient ruins are UNESCO World Heritage Site, located about 40km from Hoi An in the province Quang Nam. Both Indian and Hindu aspects are found in their architecture, religious statues and frescoes. Visiting this site is a popular half-day tour to take from Hoi An.