• hoi-an-vietnams-most-charming-city
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    Hoi An – Vietnams most charming city? 

    Hoi An is one of the first cities you will see when you are looking for a destination in Vietnam. The yellow houses, the colourful lanterns and it's location near the ocean make it a very popular travel destination. I fell in love with Hoi An during my first stay there, right after Vietnam opened its borders again after the…

  • hidden-hoi-an
    Central Vietnam,  Vietnam

    The hidden Hoi An most people don’t get to see

    To see what people usually don't see you have to get up at a time most people aren't awake yet. To learn about the hidden Hoi An, about the people who keep the city running and the places tourists, travellers and even most locals don't ever get see you have to find a local who knows these places and people…

  • leather-workshop-in-hoi-an
    Central Vietnam,  Vietnam

    Leather Workshop in Hoi An

    Of course you can find unique leather accessories or bags in Hoi An, or even get something made to your specifications, but why not make your own at a leather workshop in Hoi An? By yourself or in a small group this activity is for everyone, even if you aren't very "crafty".

  • basket-boat-tour-and-cooking-class-in-hoian
    Central Vietnam,  Vietnam

    Basketboat Tour and Cooking Class in Hoi An

    Cooking classes are a great way to connect with local culture and people. Pairing it with a tour exploring the countryside around Hoi An, as well as a visit to a local market and a cruise in a basketboat through the nipa palm forest it’s the perfect way to spend a day.

  • ho-chi-minh-trail-motorbike-tour
    Central Vietnam,  Vietnam

    Ho Chi Minh Trail – Motorbike Tour along the Laotian border

    For my trip to central Vietnam, I had planned a three-day-two-night adventure, between my time in Hue and Hoi An: a Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike Tour along the Laotian border. Since my driving capabilities aren’t up to par with rural Vietnamese roads (especially mountain roads) I found a driver who could take me on my biggest adventure in Vietnam…

  • da-nang-to-hue-via-hai-van-pass
    Central Vietnam,  Vietnam

    Da Nang to Hue via Hai Van Pass

    The first time I heard of the Hai Van Pass was in 2009, I was twelve years old and watched Top Gear on YouTube to learn colloquial English. On my second Vietnam trip in 2022, I was in Da Nang, with Hue on my list as the next stop. And yet I almost missed out on the adventure that is…