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2 Days in Limerick – Ireland

Limerick was admittedly not on my list originally. I had planned to include Cork or the ring of Kerry on this trip but instead decided to postpone that for another time. So I spent my last two days in Limerick.

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Limerick Day 1

My first stop in Limerick was at the MM Café, I walked past it and the many flowers and pastel colours drew me in, especially since the rest of the street was very dark and gloomy (mostly because of the rainy weather). Inside I originally ordered a pumpkin feta salad, but they were out, so instead, I got a salted caramel cheesecake and a gingerbread Latte.

Even though it was too early I went to my accommodation again to leave my luggage there. I stayed at the Old Quarter Townhouse*, a hotel above a pub, in a pub street. After you book they send you an e-mail, informing you about the noise level and giving you the opportunity to either confirm your booking anyway or to cancel it without cost so they are very upfront about it.

With my luggage stored away, I went to King John’s Castle, the main reason I wanted to visit Limerick. If only walls could talk, these walls could tell some stories. But even without talking walls the museum in the castle does a fantastic job of showcasing the history of this place. With multimedia-assisted expositions and interactive screens and displays, they manage to entrance you into history and package even the more gruesome parts suitable for all ages. Admission is quite high, but they offer several discounts for students and seniors.

The Old Quarter Pub is a gastro pub open to the public right underneath the Old Quarter Townhouse. They serve pub food from a small menu and drinks, beers and cocktails from a larger menu. While they are very popular and it is recommended that you come early or reserve a table in advance they try to fit in the hotel guests even without a reservation.

Limerick Day 2

When you walk through Limerick only the old buildings and bridges give you an idea of how much history is hidden in this city between the time of King John and the modern day. The Limerick Museum covers the history of the city with a special focus on the pre-and industrial era. Many artefacts tell the story of Limerick silver, Limerick lace, examples of local printing and media, as well as military artefacts and much more. Admission is free and I would recommend this museum to everyone who visits Limerick as it shows very impressively how fleeting everything is and how quickly a town can drop from international importance, no matter how famous it was at one point.

The Abby River Coffee is a tiny Café on the edge of the Matthew Bridge crossing the Shannon. In 2021 they added their own micro-roastery where they roast the coffee beans they use in the cafe. Below the cafe, next to the parking spot at the potato market they have outside seating under the bridge with blankets and pillows.

St. Mary’s Cathedral in Limerick is one of several churches in the city, but the only one I got to see since the others were busy with festivities or funerals. The church does charge an admission of 5€ but also has some of the more extensive explanations in the church of the interior and the stained glass windows. On top of that, the church is an interesting architectural mix of gothic and romanesque styles.

The Milk Market is an old market with a long tradition in Limerick, where farmers and producers sell fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, baked goods and handicrafts. It was an interesting place to visit, but when you don’t want to buy produce and are instead looking for something to eat, this is not that kind of market.

Since I didn’t find any food ready to eat for lunch at the market I went to the Coqbull, a restaurant specializing in chicken dishes and beef burgers. They were voted best burgers in Ireland 2019 and their Bacon Burger was a good burger, but honestly, I was most impressed with the fries.

On my way back to the hotel I stopped by M. Cahill & Son, one, if not the oldest shop in Limerick. They sell tobacco, cigars, tea, shaving utensils, lighters, leather goods and more. So if you are looking for something unique to bring home, or just want to get a whiff of history, I recommend checking this one out.

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