• Silver Smith Workshop Hanoi
    North Vietnam,  Vietnam

    Silversmith Workshop – Hanoi

    Always on the lookout for unique things to do and more things to learn I stumbled upon a silver smith workshop in Hanoi. In the silver crafting village Dinh Cong, about 30 minutes from the Old Quarter of Hanoi inside a community house this workshop takes you back to the time where Hanoi was still called Thang Long (1010).

  • visiting-the-independence-palace-saigon
    South Vietnam,  Vietnam

    Visiting the Independence Palace in Saigon

    The site has seen French occupation (twice), Japanese occupation, the “Republic of Vietnam”, a coup d’état and not one but two wars that were decided right on its doorstep. If only walls could talk... visiting the Independence Palace in Saigon would be even more fascinating.

  • cu-chi-tunnels-saigon
    South Vietnam,  Vietnam

    Cu Chi Tunnels – Tunnel systems of the Viet Cong

    You can find an extensive system of tunnels all over the country. At several locations those tunnels have been preserved to a degree that locals and tourists can visit them. The Cu Chi Tunnels, originally built during the French occupation and later enlarged and used more extensively during the Vietnam war can be visited at two locations Ben Dinh and…

  • breakfast-food-tour-in-saigon
    South Vietnam,  Vietnam

    Breakfast Food Tour in Saigon

    The best thing to do in a new city, in my opinion, is taking a food tour with a local guide (not a travel office tour) to taste the best food spots. With saigonhappytour, I went on a breakfast food tour in Saigon and enjoyed every second of it.

  • hoi-an-vietnams-most-charming-city
    Central Vietnam,  Travel Guides,  Vietnam

    Hoi An – Vietnams most charming city? 

    Hoi An is one of the first cities you will see when you are looking for a destination in Vietnam. The yellow houses, the colourful lanterns and it's location near the ocean make it a very popular travel destination. I fell in love with Hoi An during my first stay there, right after Vietnam opened its borders again after the…

  • hidden-hoi-an
    Central Vietnam,  Vietnam

    The hidden Hoi An most people don’t get to see

    To see what people usually don't see you have to get up at a time most people aren't awake yet. To learn about the hidden Hoi An, about the people who keep the city running and the places tourists, travellers and even most locals don't ever get see you have to find a local who knows these places and people…